This book describes the 5 essentials for a journey to become a SCHOOL THAT DELIVERS 

Building the power of alignment:
We detail the processes a school community uses to ensure they are aligned. Everyone commits to moving in the same direction on a Shared Vision journey.
Tapping the ‘knowledge in the room’:
We detail how a school community leverages its most powerful resource; the knowledge from the lives of everyone in the school community.
Building trust and collaboration:
We detail processes for building trust through ensuring every voice is heard equally. We explore in depth the issues and skills that the school community will use to become highly collaborative. They then have the collective power to deliver the results they want.
Liberating leadership in others:
We detail the dispositions and processes for everyone within the school community to choose to lead.
Taking authentic action:
We make it clear that “talking about learning” is not learning. We detail the skills and processes for the school community to take ACTION and deliver results.

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By John Edwards and Bill Martin.
Foreword by Art Costa
ISBN: 9781506333472
ISBN: 1506333478 (Australian and New Zealand Version)
Publisher: Corwin Press Inc