Flip (tap) each school house to read the quote. These quotes represent some of the key concepts from the book – SCHOOLS THAT DELIVER:

“The knowledge is in the room”
“There is no one-size-fits-all.”
“Focus on your future not your current reality”
“Delivery requires disciplined aligned action”
“Leadership is about mental model transformation.”
“Confusion and frustration are essential elements in learning.”
“Each particular school context demands unique insights” 
“If everyone in the school aligns that creates an unstoppable force.”
“To get the best from ourselves and each other, collaboration is needed.” 
“A ferocious focus on the future leads to creative tension.” 
“Storms are natural and healthy during change, leaders must hold their nerve.”
“At the core of effective change is what people’s lives have already taught them.”
“Never promise genuinely participative decision-making if you are not willing to follow through.”
“No-one will buy into change if their ideas, experiences, values, and beliefs are ignored or undervalued”
“Challenge is the key to creating a collaborative learning space. Support creates a cooperative learning space.”
“The secret is to help people tap into what they truly believe, what they really want, what they would crawl over ‘broken glass’ to deliver.”