What do all members of our school community want most?

We want a school that delivers the best education for our children. We want a school to be proud of. We want a school that values families: the families of our children and the families of our staff.

What do all staff in our school want most?

They want a school that is a great place to work. Where their voice are heard and respected. Where they are constantly learning and growing together. They want a school where they actually finish things with quality. Where they nail what really matters. Where delivery is valued over talk. They want a school that pushes through challenges, embraces them and masters them.

When a school community delivers together what really matters for their children, they feel the true joy of education. SCHOOLS THAT DELIVER shares a process to create the school you have always wanted. This book provides the research and the theory, as well as the practical tools and implementation guide.

The processes have been road tested and refined again and again. They have been shown to work across six countries and over 150 schools.

The book provides a systemic focus on aligning the work of adults around the learning of students, while recognising and embracing the complexities of change.

There is a great feeling of frustration in public education – frustration with legislated mandates and what appears to be a growing disrespect for public education and educators. This book addresses those frustrations in a positive, productive way. It addresses mandates and initiatives that are beyond our control in a respectful, positive tone that shifts us to focus on what we can deliver.

To the school staff and their community,

The lived lives of the people who make up the school community are the children’s greatest resource. They know how to create magnificent schools if only we would get out of their way and let them do it. Schools That Deliver gives the school community the models, tools and processes they need to build the school of their dreams.

Are you tired of PTIF (Post Traumatic Initiative Fatigue)?
Are you tired of hiding in the “foxhole of busy-ness” and wondering why you have no energy or joy in the work you do?
Do you want to know what it would be like to take control of your own destiny again?
Do you want to understand how to really deliver the results you want?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Schools That Deliver is a must read.

By John Edwards and Bill Martin.
Foreword by Art Costa
ISBN: 9781506333472
ISBN: 1506333478 (Australian and New Zealand Version)
Publisher: Corwin Press Inc
Dimensions: Softcover. 25.4 x 17.8 x 2.3 centimetres (0.52 kg)